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We're Digital Consultants that bring User Experience, Design Thinking and User Centricity to customer products.

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We can build the UX research and UX design you need, with as much research, interviews, user testing, analytics, and science as is required to fit the ROI of the project. Imagine a place where UX researchers, UI designers, and Visual design strategists work in creative harmony with you – that’s Bridge UX. From ethnographic research to user persona studies to customer interviews, we have experienced designers who understand the value of getting customer insights, proving hypothesis, and evaluating options, not designing based on feelings or assumptions.

Our Offerings

Native mobile app designs (Android, iOS)
Usability Testing
Hybrid Mobile app for all platforms
Accessibility Consulting
Web & Mobile Application designs
Design for AR/VR/MR & IOT
Web Development
Design for Wearable devices
Responsive designs
Design Thinking Workshops
E-Commerce Web & Mobile apps
UX Training
Banking & Finance Applications
Corporate UX Training

How we work

Empathize the Requirements

Once the requirements are gathered, we follow best practices to understand the product purpose, features, business goal and target audience necessity. To start with more efficient manner, we may also conduct stakeholder interviews and Workshops to implement User Experience Design.

Web Analysis and Heuristic Evaluation

Our expert team will review and analyse website analytics, as well as other existing data such as google analytics, surveys and market research. We will conduct a thorough Heuristic Evaluation for your website or mobile app against Neilsen’s Usability guidelines and industry standard criteria, identifying existing issues and opportunities for improvement with your current website or mobile app.

Define Personas

Personas are fictional representations of customer types, providing a reference for typical personality traits, goals, frustrations, motivations, behaviours and expectations of a segment of users. Defining these personas ensures that we have a solid understanding of our customers, and can align user experiences to their needs and wants.

Interview with Users

Bridge UX recommends one-on-one interviews to get a deeper insight and further detail into user preferences, behaviours, motivations and attitudes. We conduct focus groups as the qualitative research method. Another option is to conduct the conversation in the participant’s environment, to effectively simulate an actual User Experience.

User Journey and Task Analysis

Bridge UX can create a visual illustration of the different touchpoints that customers encounter, both online and offline, when interacting with your business. By using the insights gained from mapping the existing customer journey, we can map a future state journey: the ideal customer experience.

Card Sorting and information Architecture

Card Sorting is the organising, labelling and structuring of information to promote usability, findability and navigability in websites or mobile apps. We can use card sorting and Site map to guide the drafting of an appropriate IA structure.

Interactive Wireframes

Wireframes are a visual representation of the framework of a website, illustrating the structure and layout of content, images and other page elements. Bridge UX will create high-fidelity and efficient clickable prototypes by using advanced wireframe tool known as Axure. Which allows you to navigate through a website of wireframes. These wireframes will help for Usability Testing.

User testing

User testing allows us to gain insights into how well user needs, wants and expectations are being met by a product, and can be tailored to specific functions, features or areas of interest. Bridge UX will facilitate Morae software for user testing, which is a efficient tool to monitor the user while using the website or mobile app and to benchmark the usability issues.

Visual designs

Once wireframes are approved, we move into applying your organisation’s brand to describe the user experience in full fidelity. We deliver this for your review through a design feedback tool called InVision, that allows you to review the experience in your browser and comment directly on the visual designs. Our design tools are Sketch App, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD.

Handshaking with Developers

Once the Visual design is done, we provide style guide and essential assets for the development. We provide demo with development team through screen flow. These demo will be efficiently done by InVision Studio or Zeplin.

Design Quality Assurance and Web development

At Bridge UX, We are strong believers in rigorous quality assurance and testing. Ensuring the final user experience delivered to customers is as designed is an essential part of this QA process and the responsibility of the designer, in partnership with the QA team. After this QA process, we pursue web development.

Post Development Support

Once a digital experience is live, the work of a designer doesn’t stop. Our design team are passionate about continuous improvement and helping our clients increase the value of their digital assets by improving conversion; whether that be an increase in transactions, average order value, leads, enquiries or subscriptions.

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