We're Bridge UX

We combine thorough research with years of knowledge to design and deliver meaningful experiences and help you implement them along the way.

Bridge UX is a Bengaluru-based agency that creates rich digital experiences. It aligns strategy, design, and engineering expertise to deliver great Omni channel solutions. It aims to simplify the complex, enrich the experience a user has with web applications and mobile applications. The company aims at offering design services to the industry through understanding of the users’ mental model.

Our Values


We take business and social aspects and customer needs into consideration in our design process. We design journeys and not screens.


Usability and aesthetics are equally important when it comes to design. We believe good design should delight users while remaining invisible


We are obsessed with constant research and iterations. UX Design is a permanent exploration in search for the best solutions for customer problems.


By obtaining valuable insights from customers, we help companies find viable business opportunities and make the right product decisions.


Our Recognitions

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