Rail Sathi

Rail Sathi is all-in-one travel app, it used mainly for book IRCTC train tickets, check your PNR status , get to know your live NTES running status for where is my train & upcoming station amenities even without the internet. You can also get to know the chances of your PNR confirmation, know your platform and coach position, live train status, view seat maps and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment on your journey with low network connectivity.


a) Search station and see the amenities that available around the station
b) The user wants to know their coach position and navigate them to the seat location from their location also need to show where the amenities located in the railway station
c) Tracking train & amenities without internet

Primary audience

Those aged between 18-65 of all genders. These people are usually placed in large metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Pune who belong to the middle- and upper middle-class groups of society.

Our Approach


Stakeholder Interview

Competitive Analysis

Define Persona

Heuristic Evaluation

Analytics Reviews


Card Sorting


Page Flow


Visual Design


Usability Testing


A/B Testing


Design Sprints

Style Guide


Stakeholder Interview

To start with our UX process we conducted stakeholder
interviews to understand the business needs, Intended
users and who all are our competitors.

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic evaluation is a usability checklist for websites and apps, created by Dr. Jakob Nielsen. We conducted the expert review based on the 10 Heuristic principles. According to the heuristic evaluation conducted, the current website has Usability roadblocks which needs to be resolved by improving or redesigning the website.

Competitor Analysis

Next step was to do a thorough Competitor Analysis, which gives insight strength and weakness of competitor.
By this method competitor’s weakness can be rectified to make our application better.

Persona Creation

Personas are wonderful tool to document and understand
your users. After stakeholder interview, when we come to
know about our intended users, we create virtual users
which represent group of large audience. These template
later help us to perform user research.

Paper Prototype

Ideate - Sketch the ideas, evaluate & Note down strong ideas in Paper Sketches. They are useful to test initial ideas early and quickly. They can be quickly modified, even during a session. Paper Prototypes make collaborative design easier and they are fun.


UX team meet up for brainstorming sessions on various design concepts to come up with best idea. This session really helpful to create rough idea before going for any official wireframe which will be a deliverable to client

Project Outcome

We shaped the visual designs in order to elicit user responses and behavior's that suit the use and purpose of the product. We took care of small details of a product’s aesthetics which could play a significant role in the design of the user experience.

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