A wonderful HealthCare System for Hiring of Healthcare
personals. This app works as job portal where healthcare
personal can post their availability and recruiters also
can post their requirements.

Problem Statement

Client ask was a Mobile app and Web app which can be accessible from both mobile and web. Also there should be an Admin portal to manage the app. Our main challenges with this applications were

  • Easy to use application which can be used by any health worker
  • Helpful to both Management and healthcare providers to reach each other
  • Easy to maintain by Administrator to tackle both Job seekers (Health Care Providers) and Job Providers (Hospital Management, Government Agencies & other Healthcare Facilities)
  • Web Application for Recruiters and Administrator
  • Mobile Application for Job Seeker - Health Workers

Our Approach


Stakeholder Interview

Competitive Analysis

Define Persona

Heuristic Evaluation

Analytics Reviews


Card Sorting


Page Flow


Visual Design


Usability Testing


A/B Testing


Design Sprints

Style Guide


Stakeholder Interview

To start with our UX process we conducted stakeholder
interviews to understand the business needs, Intended
users and who all are our competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Second step was to do a thorough Competitor Analysis, which gives insight strength and weakness of competitor.
By this method competitor’s weakness can be rectified to make our application better.

Persona Creation

Personas are wonderful tool to document and understand
your users. After stakeholder interview, when we come to
know about our intended users, we create virtual users
which represent group of large audience. These template
later help us to perform user research.

User Interview

To start with our User Research, we identified the user’s
as per our persona and conducted the user interviews.
Mode - One to One Interview (Online/Offline)
Duration- 45 mins


This is second method to understand actual user insight.
This is a quantitative research where we float a set of
questions and get the response in terms of numbers
and percentage

User Journey

User Journey is pictorial representation of how user will work with application we are designing. This methods help us to
understand the user mind set and behavior as in how he perform a particular task


UX team meet up for brainstorming sessions on various design concepts to come up with best idea. This session really helpful to create rough idea before going for any official wireframe which will be a deliverable to client

Visual Design

We shaped the visual designs in order to elicit user responses and behaviors that suit the use and purpose of the product. We took care of small details of a product’s aesthetics which could play a significant role in the design of the user experience.

Testing With Users

In a typical usability test, a test moderator gives test participants a series of tasks that they must perform with the design. The tasks represent actions that an end user would typically carry out with the finished product.

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