WAFIapps.com is the well known e-commerce platform in the Gulf region. We helped to redesign this unified platform which offers its customers with mind-blowing deals on products & services.

Problem Statement

  • In align with current web and mobile app design trends and standards.
  • To get frequent business by gaining user’s trust.
  • Come at par with competitors.
  • User needs to identify easily and get clarity about all the products and services provided by the WafiApps.
  • To make better content alignment and spacing.
  • To implement standard font hierarchy, style, colors to make more appealing.
  • To fulfill usability parameters and principles.

Our Approach

Stakeholder Interview

To start with our UX process we conducted stakeholder
interviews to understand the business needs, Intended
users and who all are our competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Next step was to do a thorough Competitor Analysis, which gives insight strength and weakness of competitor.
By this method competitor’s weakness can be rectified to make our application better.

User Interview

To start with our User Research, we identified the user’s
as per our persona and conducted the user interviews.
Mode - One to One Interview (Online/Offline)
Duration- 45 mins


This is second method to understand actual user insight.
This is a quantitative research where we float a set of
questions and get the response in terms of numbers
and percentage

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic evaluation is a usability checklist for websites and apps, created by Dr. Jakob Nielsen. We conducted the expert review based on the 10 Heuristic principles. According to the heuristic evaluation conducted, the current website has Usability roadblocks which needs to be resolved by improving or redesigning the website.

High-Fidelity Detailed Design

We shaped the visual designs in order to elicit user responses and behaviours that suit the use and purpose of the product. We took care of small details of a product’s aesthetics which could play a significant role in the design of the user experience.

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