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When building your website, it’s important to account for accessibility – that is, designing your product so that users with disabilities can access it. Your business should care because the number of people affected by disabilities worldwide is large. The World Bank Group estimates that one billion people – 15% of the world’s population – have some level of disability. So if you seek for Accessibility Audit, design and web development, Bridge UX Design Studios will be the right place for you to discuss with the Web Accessibility Consulting Experts.

Our Offerings


Native mobile app designs (Android, iOS)
Usability Testing
Hybrid Mobile app for all platforms
Accessibility Consulting
Web & Mobile Application designs
Design for AR/VR/MR & IOT
Web Development
Design for Wearable devices
Responsive designs
Design Thinking Workshops
E-Commerce Web & Mobile apps
UX Training
Banking & Finance Applications
Corporate UX Training

How we work

Accessibility Audit Plan

As the first step, we will find out the Scope of evaluation like Devices, OS, Browsers, Disabilities & Assistive Technologies for Low Vision, Blind, Motor, Deaf / Hard of Hearing, etc. We follow efficient Tools and Methods like Screen Readers, Voice Command, Automated tools, Video caption check, Manual Contrast check, Eyeballing, etc. and industry standard criteria, identifying existing issues and opportunities for improvement with your current mobile app.

Evaluation Matrix

We implement Evaluation Matrix and accessibility checklists which benchmarks the various outcomes of Accessibility Audit. Significant evaluation will be done by our Accessibility Audit experts.

Collect the Findings

We track our findings Collaboratively, by implementing evaluation status. The Evaluation results will be generated as the sufficient table which contains Evaluation ID, global elements, Screenshots of the app, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), etc.

Report Generation

As the last process of Accessibility Audit, elaborated report will be generated and handover to stakeholders. The report catches all the areas which is against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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