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Our Pro plans give you access to our team of friendly research experts who are here to help you reach your goals. Our Usability Team ensures your application works in use cases that simulate actual user behavior. With our usability testing, we ensure your applications functionalities are easy to understand, use, and recall. As a result, your application will be an excellent business tool that provides a memorable user experience, raising conversion rates and spurring better profits.

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Native mobile app designs (Android, iOS)
Usability Testing
Hybrid Mobile app for all platforms
Accessibility Consulting
Web & Mobile Application designs
Design for AR/VR/MR & IOT
Web Development
Design for Wearable devices
Responsive designs
Design Thinking Workshops
E-Commerce Web & Mobile apps
UX Training
Banking & Finance Applications
Corporate UX Training

How we work

Understanding the Requirements

Once the requirements are gathered via Existing website or mobile app, We follow best practices to understand the product purpose, features, business goal and target audience necessity. To start with more efficient manner, we may also conduct stakeholder Interviews and workshops to Implement User Experience Design.

Preparing the Questions

We will prepare questions for the user who will be performing the usability testing. In our advanced usability testing lab, certain task will be allocated to the user for testing the Web or Mobile app.

Identifying the Users

We are having tie-up with standard middle marketing agencies for getting different users to perform usability testing. In our advanced usability testing lab, User’s eye tracking and User tasks like navigating through the app, will be conducted and recorded for final report generation. We use Morae software for usability testing. We also conduct Remote usability testing and Focus groups which will provide us with clarity about the product usability.

Report Generation and Development Support

Bridge UX recommends one-on-one interviews to get a deeper insight and further detail into user preferences, behaviours, motivations and attitudes. We conduct focus groups as the qualitative research method. Another option is to conduct the conversation in the participant’s environment, to effectively simulate an actual User Experience.

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