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We believe design balances aesthetics and reasons. Startup Companies often don’t see value in investing in design, particularly early on. There’s been a culture of technology first, whereas we believe that we should be taking a more people-centred approach to building products and services. Unless the thing you’re building has real value to someone, it’s just a vanity project, no matter the technology.

Our Offerings


Native mobile app designs (Android, iOS)
Usability Testing
Hybrid Mobile app for all platforms
Accessibility Consulting
Web & Web Application designs
Design for AR/VR/MR & IOT
Web Development
Design for Wearable devices
Responsive designs
Design Thinking Workshops
E-Commerce Web & Mobile apps
UX Training
Banking & Finance Applications
Corporate UX Training

How we work

Forging Awesome Bonds

Our number one priority has been figuring out the best way to collaborate with our partners because we want these to be really longstanding relationships. With our UX design, we make customers to have a positive experience tend to spend more, more often and tell their friends. This is what any startup needs.

UX Design Strategy

Good design isn’t just about aesthetics or function, it’s about the emotional connection we make with the people we’re designing for. Technology can often be copied, design can bring in an emotion which often can’t. We follow efficient UX design strategy for design which as a process can give a better understanding of what people actually want and would pay for, more empathy for their customers and their world, a way for them to communicate their uniqueness through their product or service.

User testing

User testing allows us to gain insights into how well user needs, wants and expectations are being met by a product, and can be tailored to specific functions, features or areas of interest. Bridge UX will facilitate Morae software for user testing, which is a efficient tool to monitor the user while using the website or mobile app and to benchmark the usability issues.

Post Development Support

Once a digital experience is live, the work of a designer doesn’t stop. Our design team are passionate about continuous improvement and helping our clients increase the value of their digital assets by improving conversion; whether that be an increase in transactions, average order value, leads, enquiries or subscriptions.

Recent Works

Rail Sathi

Train App / Android

We helped to redesign the most advanced mobile app which provides local navigation in railway station to the station amenities.


iOT / Android

GrayHats is one of the advanced home automation / IOT company. With them we went to the extreme, to create app that's actually changing the world for the better.


iOT / Android

With our user research and ux design team, we redesigned the Amour App (EBTL Product) which is one of the leading companies in Home Automation / IOT in the Global Market.

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