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We create award-winning, interactive AR, VR, MR, IOT and next generation user experiences for world-class brands.

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The BridgeUX team offers virtual reality UX services for creating VR/AR training apps, full-dive visualization experiences, medical VR/AR applications, VR/AR presentations and games for a few years now. Our proficiency in the latest technologies and trends result into an exclusive blend of experience in UX design for VR/AR and IOT which helps us bring even the most incredible ideas to life

Our Offerings


UX for Virtual Reality
Simplifies complex problems/situations.
UX for Augmented Reality
Safe, controlled area.
UX for Mixed Reality
Realistic scenarios.
UX for Internet of Things(IOT)
Can be done remotely saving time and money.
Improves retention and recall.
Suitable for different learning styles.
Better Quality of Life

Our Services

Virtual Reality UX:

We have a vast experience in digital transformation of business with Virtual Reality. We provide free feasibility research for your business, so you can know whether VR will bring value to your case. We increase efficiency, safety and improve knowledge transfer, as well as client-facing interactions. So Build your product or service digitally, with low transportation and presentation expenses.

Augmented Reality UX

It was just a few years ago when Augmented Reality seemed a scientists’ dream of a world connecting the real and virtual worlds. Today we are able to offer professional UX solutions for AR, nimbly adjusting them to fit our Customers’ needs. We conduct projects starting from initial analysis and prototyping up to complex delivery and post-implementation support and maintenance. We use Augmented Reality to enhance the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things with technologies allowing employees to fit into the new world.

Mixed Reality UX

Rather than immersing your attendees fully into the virtual world, we can use mixed reality user experiences to alter how they view the world they are already in. The interactive projections are quite versatile. The objects, sensors, and animations of your choosing are easily customizable and can be conveniently modified to fit your specific branding or theme.

Internet of Things(IOT)

We are working on IoT solutions which implement the concept of Connected Products for many world-wide companies. We are working on implementing a Factory of the Future project in an international consortium as one of the very first in India, aiming to support employees in their day-to-day tasks in factories spread all over the world to optimize operational effectivenes of single devices, as well as whole industrial facilities.

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